Legae la Dikgang

Meet the 2019/20 Miss Universe North West, Alakhe Sibilanga


Well.. I always had the thought of walking down the ramp from the age of 8, that was in 2008. But I believed my time would come.
In 2016, I was 16 years old, that’s when I saw that my passion lies in modelling.. I did my research and practiced throughout the year, with my mom as my mentor.. that is why I began pageantry in 2017..
Now I will not stop at anything until I see myself at the phase where our former Miss SA, Zozibini Tunzi is at and even further.

Gae ke kae and how do you feel about being crowned Miss Universe North West 2019/20?

I am Alakhe Sibilanga. 19 years of age. Born and bred in Rustenburg (Tlhabane)

First of all, I am very thankful to the one above, the Lord Almighty.I am so overwhelmed and happy at the same time, but overall I am glad for such an opportunity I hope I will be able to make a difference, no matter how little it will be.

Take us through all the pageants you entered and the highlights and generally about how it has been.

This was my fourth pageant..
Honestly speaking, if it wasn’t for my confidence I wouldn’t have been here because I never got the chance to be the title holder.
Every pageant has its own challenges, experiences and mostly competition.

Alakhe Sibilanga ka 2017 Miss Zinniaville Secondary School moo a boneng maêmô a boraro.

My first pageant was in 2017. It was the Mr and Miss Zinniaville Secondary School.
I was crowned the 2nd Princess. I was very nervous and my confidence was not at my level best because it was the first ever pageant. It was a great experience, I generally learnt a lot.

My second pageant was 2019. As a first year student I still continued to do what I fell in love with, modelling.
I entered the Mr and Miss Residence NWU.
I was also crowned the 2nd Princess.. I was so happy and I learnt a lot since well it was at Varsity.

My third pageant was also during the year 2019.. this was the Mr and Miss NWU(Mafikeng Campus). This was by far the hardest competition ever. Even though I didn’t win, I only reached the top 15, it was a very great experience.

What lessons have you learned along the journey?

I have learnt that life is about always being positive despite how tough the challenge might be because ultimately everything is possible..I have learnt that one needs to be more than courageous because sometimes all you need is courage, the rest will follow.

Amongst all the lessons, which one stand out as the most valuable you have learned?

The lesson that stands out as the most valuable which I have learnt is being courageous…If I wasn’t courageous enough I would have given up because of the fact that I never got the chance to be the title holder. But because I am courageous, I still strived and kept my head up high.

Along the journey there are challenges, for you which challenges have you encountered?

Having to face criticism.. Imagine walking on stage and only a few people cheer for you, when you get to look around, people are pointing fingers at you at you, make unnecessary comments and giggling..

How did you overcome it?

The only way I managed to overcome that challenge is keeping my head up high, smiling, interact with the judges and have fun.

You have been crowned now, what can we expect from you during your reign as Miss Universe North West?

I will carry on with my motivational talks to reach out to youngster who need help and guidance especially when it comes to their school and varsity work. I will do more of charity works for the betterment of the society.And lastly, I have an organization in mind which I hope to bring to life which will be called “I aspire to inspire”..

What is your message of support and encouragement to youth in Rustenburg and youth in general?

There is a lot of things that we as the youth are exposed to.There’s a lot of peer pressure and cyberbullying going on.So my message of support and encouragement to the youth is that, we should all stand together, proud and United to overcome our day to day challenges because having each others back could one-day make a difference in someone’s life.. and lastly, the youth should always have faith that one day they will be the best that they have always wanted to be.

Tell us about your future plans, both academically and professionally and if you will still continue ka pageants.

I am a student at the University of North West, studying education for Snr & FET phase, after getting my degree I wish to study Psychology because I have always wanted to be a psychologist.

Pageants are in my blood, I have a passion for pageantry.. I wish to see myself going through Miss SA, Miss World and Miss Universe, the likes. I wish to make it big one day.