Legae la Dikgang

Go tswa Mogajane go ya Georgia. Olerato Moobi o ya go emelela Aforika Borwa kwa Rising Stars 2020 Competition.


Mosetsana wa kwa Mogajane yo gape e leng moithuti kwa sekolong se segolwane sa Mmanape, o ya go êmêlêla Aforika Borwa kwa kgaisanong ya 2020 Rising Stars kwa nageng ya Georgia kwa Europa go simolola 17 – 19 Ferikgong 2020.

Hey Olerato. Malebogo here from DKGN24.


How are you Ole?

I am great, thanks, and you?

Thats lovely. You enjoying Georgia?

Just arrived ❤? um sooo tired
Had to catch two flights

Waitse mo tlhaloganyong ya me, Georgia ke gopotse USA, ke kae ko Georgia?

Georgia e mo Europe

Alright, ke kopa o ikitsise gore ke wena mang, le gore gae ke ko kae. O bua le rona jaana o le ko Georgia, o bêwa ke eng koo?

Leina laka ke Olerato Moobi .
17 years of age .
I was born and raised at Rustenburg Mogajana near Tsitsing .

Ke bua le lona jaana kele ko Europe (Georgia) representing SA at the World Rising stars 2020 competition.

So Ole, ke kopa o re tsêyê mo loêtông la gago mo tseleng eo e tsamayang ya bommabontlê, o simolotse kae, jwang leng?

Ok, I started modelling when I was only 13 years old at Destiny 2016
I was more interested in drama then my drama coach asked me to come with my heels to start doing modelling. I had no idea what was modelling bcs um from a small village.

I then started doing competition and fashion shows . I did lots of them ?? . 2018 I was one of the models for Miss Africa JNR at OR tambo hotel the rest is history until I was selected to represent SA for World Rising stars.

So sentlentle ko World Rising Stars o ile for Modelling kgotsa beauty pageant? Lôtologa go ya pele o re tlhalosetse ka botlalo gore mo kgaisanong eo o tla be o dira eng?

Beauty pageant. It is a competition where by we’ll be competing for modelling. And we are also representing one designer from SA.
Soo there will be a beauty pageant , fashion show ,other talent that I have (Africa dance or whatever I can do besides modelling) WORLD RISING STARS BEAUTY, TALENT &FASHION AWARDS FASHION WEEK.

Okay Ole, go tswa mo South Africa, le bakae? And mo North West ke wena o le nosi?

South Africa we were supposed to be 2 .
Senior girl and junior which is me, unfortunately she couldn’t make it, from north west it is only me. Soo that means From SA um the only one representing SA for Junior girls 17 years.

And gore o feleletse o emeletse SA, ba go tlhopile jang Ole? How did you qualify, please take us through that process.

We had to fill in some papers more of like we were entering. After I sent my pictures and everything. One month later i got a formal paper from the international director written that I’ve been officially selected to represent SA for the competition.

How did it feel like receiving confirmation ya gore you were selected to represent the country internationally?

I was speechless
I was sooo happy
It was a dream come true because at the beginning of 2019 my friend Bokang Phiri asked me what are my 2019 goals and I was like I want to go international , I want to compete international. The only thing I did was to thank God.

And ke tsêêla gore go nnile le challenges gore o feleletse o le ko Georgia, ke difeng those challenges and how did you overcome them?

There were lots of challenges.
Remember its January it’s back to school. I had to sacrifice for my dreams because I am now doing matric it was not easy.
Looking for a designer was not easy.
Pocket money, our parents are broke its January they also have to buy stationary.

Plus I had to buy new winter clothes because its winter here. There are not enough winter clothes at the shops its summer.

So how did you overcome those challenges? O kgonne jwang gore mo gare ga challenges tseo, e be ga jaana o le ko Georgia?

I had to push
I gave it my all. My family was there for me. 30 NOVEMBER I hosted a soccer tournament and photoshoot event for the teenagers, that also cost me lots of money but we tried our best with the help from my friends from Mmanape high school,
My family, my aunt and her friends, my community Mogajana. Lot of people where there for me.

To overcome the challenges I worked hard I had to sacrifice. And above all FAITH.

And from those challenges and how you overcame them, there must be lessons tseo o di ithutileng. What lessons have you learned?

I learned that in everything that you do you have to believe in your self. RAPELA O DIRE.

O batla go raya baithutimmôgô ka wena kwa Mmanape le baagi ba Mogajane bao ba go thusitseng mo challenges tsa gago o reng Ole?

Ke re Kealeboga thata go menagane. And to Mmanape learners I’ll like to say I saw lots of talent there.
There are athletes, soccer players, rappers, comedians, singers.

From me Olerato Moobi ke re GO out there give it your all and make it possible. I appreciate the support.

Ole, somewhere out there, mongwe o tlile go buisa this article. Young person jaaka wena and will say mara lenna ke batla go tshwana le Ole, i want to travel the path e a e tsamaileng. Talk to them, ba bolêlêlê gore ba tshwanetse ba avoide eng fa ba batla go fitlha kwa o leng teng ga jaana.

They should avoid doing things without letting their parents know.
Do research
Do it with passion and love .

When you enter a competition ask for more information, don’t rush to pay the registration fee bcs you can’t wait to post on WhatsApp or something.

If you going for a competition give it your all make it possible.
Win gracefully, lose gracefully. There are lots of models but ditsela tsa rona tsa bophelo gadi tshwane. Somewhere out there I mean whenever you compete or going to a marathon, any competition, soccer match make sure you give it your all.

O ya go dira matric this year, o batla go raya class of 2020 o reng Ole?

Work hard.
Dont you let your pain hide your purpose.
2020 get in something that is bigger than you where you are willing to sacrifice and surrounded yourself with people that will fill your cup until it runneth over.