Legae la Dikgang

Meet 2019/20 Miss Teen Universe North West, Lerato Motlhasedi


Ko gae ke kae and how do you feel about being crowned Teen Queen?

I’m a young self-driven teenage girl and I’m from Wonderkop. Being crowned as a Queen is an achievement for me because I’ve always wanted to experience how it feels like to be a Queen, mostly an Ambassador of Taylor Events & Miss Universe Northwest.

Take us through all the pageants you entered and the highlights and generally about how it has been

This was my first pageant.

Take us through the lessons that you have learned and the challenges you encountered and how you overcame those challenges.

The lessons that I’ve learnt along the journey is to never doubt myself nor want to give up, because there were times when I felt like giving up, there were times when I felt the pressure, but through it all I didn’t give up, and I’ve learnt that It takes tears and disappointments to reach your goals because this hasn’t been an easy journey for me.

Being disappointed and not giving up when I felt the most pressure is the only challenge that stand out, because If I decided to give up along the way I wouldn’t be where I am today. I cherish all the disappointments because they have groomed me into the person that I am now and I overcame this challenge by kneeling down and asking God for guidance . I believe that I can overcome sumthing

You have been crowned now, what can we expect from you during your reign, what activities will you be conducting as Miss Face of Rustenburg?

What can be expected from me is “Empowerment”. I’ll be empowering our youth more especially young woman to believe in the beauty of their individuality through my foundation which is “Empower Them ” and I will also be working with few charities and schools

What are the activities tse foundation ya gago e di dirang? Is it motivational talks, sanitary pads drive maybe or ….?

Yes, It’s motivational talks and charity drives.
And Also about teaching our youth ka Information Communication Technoloy because The 4th Industrial revolution has taken place in our country and Artificial intelligence and robotics are replacing humans at various work places , so In my foundation we are preparing youngsters for such changes. I’m an IT Student so i some times share my knowledge with them

What is your message of support and encouragement to youth in Rustenburg and youth in general?

My message of support to the youth of Rustenburg is : don’t let your dreams get buried in you, go all out and achieve them even when it’s hard. Perseverance is key.

Tell us about your future plans, both academically and professionally and if you will still continue ka pageants

Well, academically I will continue with My Information Technology course and get my degree . I will keep on entering for other pageants.