Legae la Dikgang

Re bua le Kealeboga Matsafu wa kwa Mabeskraal. 2020 Miss Teen Queen of Globe International.


Kealeboga Matsafu (17 Years) go tswa Mabeskraal o sa tswa go tlhomiwa go nna Miss Teen Queen of Globe International 2020 ka Latshipi 08 Sedimonthole 2019, kwa Thailand.

Ke thomile ka 2017, i started ka pageant e nngwe, ne e le ya ntlha, and then i got first Princess, ne e le Miss Face of YDO… and then ka decider gore okay e re ke lekeletse e nngwe ke bone gore a nka se win. Ya bobedi e ne e le Miss Face Face of Rustenburg, ke same year and then i won, ya boraro e ne e le Miss Teen Commonwealth, e crownile maloba ka February and then i got second Princess. It was a national pageant, my first national pageant, so ya bobedi…second National pageant ke yona e. Miss Teenager South Africa. Miss Teen Oueen of Globe International ke my third major pageant and my first International pageant.

How do u feel about being crowned Miss Teen Queen of Globe International? How many Queens did you compete against?

It still feels unreal! It’s like a dream. But I’m happy I did win. I competed against countless beautiful queens in my category. It was so tough that I didn’t expect a win! Not that I doubted myself but it came as a shock to me to hear “South Africa!” being announced the winner, for a moment I even forgot my name when it got called for me to get onstage.

???????? Just to make sure gore you have recovered from the shock Kea. What is your name, age and where are you from?

?? I have fully recovered! My name is Kealeboga Matsafu, I just turned 17 last month I’m Kego’s little sister and ntatemogolo Dikgope’s granchild and I’m Ben’s neighborh? (just to show that I know myself!)
And I’m from where legends are born and stars are brought up, Mabeskraal, Tlhakong!

Kea, please take us through your journey mo this contest ya Globe International. How did u end up representing SA ko teng?

I got scouted for this competition at Miss Teenager SA, the one I competed In earlier this year when I made it to the top 10. I was chosen as a delegate for it.

What are the lessons that you have picked up along this journey?

That being humble and kind goes a long way. It’s a competition however you shouldn’t be arrogant and rude towards others simply because you’re competing, you’re not rivals and you should build sisterhoods. The second lesson would also be that no matter how hard the journey seems, pray and keep calm you can do it!

And the challenges tseo o kopaneng le tsona le ka moo these challenges shaped you and prepared you for the pageant?

I won’t lie and say it was a smooth journey because it wasn’t. At times I cried myself to sleep because challenges kept on surfacing, I almost didn’t make it to Thailand but I guess my tears were watering the win. I learnt to be strong and push through. When my mother couldn’t make it anymore It broke me, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it without her because I was emotionally not at ease but there I was picking myself up and fighting for the crown! I discovered the strong and bold side I never knew I had.

You saying you almost never made it to Thailand? O ne o thibellwa ke eng?

At first the problem was getting funds and soon as that was out of the way I struggled with being permitted to travel as a minor without my parents, that meant my mother would have to come and soon as her coming was sorted we had problems with her flights now. But God was there and my National Director did all in her power to help me make it and I did.

You have been crowned now, what can we expect from you during your reign, what activities will you be conducting as Queen of Globe International?

You’ll still see me incorporating my duties as a founder and director of Rare Seeds Foundation, I will continue to make change through the power of education, school visits, charity fundraisers, orphanage visits and more. Because I have been given the chance to carry out my duties as a title holder in different countries you’ll see me traveling a lot too. I cannot wait to make change and take what I stand for to more countries

What is your message of support, encouragement le motivation to the youth?

Refuse to be looked down on because of your background. You are not the dust you live in, the pain you felt, the troubles you cannot get through. You are a star, a winner and no matter what, stay strong and believe in yourself, the rest will catch up with believing in you. They will break you at first but it’s up to you to build yourself from that.

If ke gopola sentle, o ya go dira Grade 12 next year neh? A go nna Queen of Globe ga go ye go interferer with your studies, how are you going to juggle the demands tsa sekolo and responsibilities and work as Queen of Globe?

Kea gammôgô le ausi Keitu Matsafu. Picture: Supplied.

No not at all. I have a very understanding directors who would not want the duties to interfere with my studies so my reign will work on my schedule. I knew that should I win it would be a huge responsibility and I have prepared for it. Maybe I’ll the epitome that you can follow your passion and still not clash with priorities. Nothing will change, I’ll work hard at school.

Kealeboga Matsafu o ya go emêlêla Moses Kotane le Rustenburg kwa kgaisanong ya Miss Teenager South 2019
Buisa fano go utlwa ka loêtô la ga Kea mo dikgaisanong tsa bommabontlê.

Ke batho ba le bantsi bao e leng gore they have been on your side throughout your journey, o batla go ba raya o reng at this moment?

No words will ever amount to how grateful I am to have friends that believe in me, a family that loves me and people who let me know that they’re here for me. I received all the warm messages of love and ohh God I was overwhelmed by that. Thank you for being behind me.

I am a young boy or girl and i want to travel the path that you have travelled. Please have a chat with me. Tell me about things that i must guard against tseo di ka feleletsang di dirile gore ke seka ka tshwana le wena.

Make sure you’re with the right modeling agencies and school that work beyond modeling times. I go to Globe ModelLook and the wonderful coaches there make sure that I’m always up to standard to the point of staying up with me while I was in Thailand. Once it’s written on the vision board go for it, don’t let anything stop you. Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!! It’s important to stay morally upright throughout, don’t do things that are out of line simply because you want to get there. Remember you have a reputation to maintain even when people are not watching just do the right thing!

And you message to the Matric Class of 2020. Not only kwa Rakoko, but everywhere mo SA.

Our exams are our time to shine! Let’s take that opportunity to shine for the last time before we leave high school. It has been such a long journey and finally we are here. Let’s make ourselves proud and everyone who supports us. We can do it, it won’t be easy but it’s doable. All the best with your studies next year matriculants of 2020, year of the bosses! Year of the winners!